Schengen visa made EASY !

TEZ TOUR advice you that before travelling to any Schengen country you must prepare the following:

But 1st you need to know that the countries are (Austria- Hungary - Norway - Belgium - Iceland-  Poland - Czech Republic - Italy - Portugal - Denmark - Latvia - Slovakia - Estonia - Liechtenstein - Slovenia -  Finland- Lithuania - Spain - France- Luxembourg - Sweden - Germany- Malta - Switzerland - Greece - Netherlands) 

Required papers for Schengen visa
• The passport and a printed copy of it, and it must be valid for at least 6 months after the visa end date, and in case you have an old passport with travel stamps, you must attach it with a printed copy of it.

• Personal photo on a white back ground without shades or glasses (size 4.5*3.5).

• Filled and signed visa application.

• Bank statement for the last transactions done last 6months, and it must be signed and stamped by the bank in every page.

• Letter from the company you are working in, that states your hiring date, your current position & your current salary, and you should also attach the stamped and signed vacation approval and do not forget the insurance number and in case you are travelling to Italy you should bring the insurance Brent.

• In case it is your first time to travel to a Schengen country you should get a Certificate of Movements from el Tahir complex except for france you should provide the following papers 
- Flight tickets.
- Hotel booking.
- Health insurance for travel.
- Detailed program for the trip

Concerning the bank statement
• The bank statement for the last 6 months should shows a regular transactions and that’s because the following
- To increase your chances of getting the visa easily and avoid the doubt that the cash in your account is borrowed.
• In case you have borrowed the cash in your account, you should not withdraw the cash once you have applied for the visa and wait until the visa is issued.
• The final balance before issuing the bank statement must be the exact amount requested for the visa issuing.
• In case you are student, you will apply with the bank statement of one of your parents & endorsement that they will cover the expenses of your journey & a translated birth certificate.
• Now for the most important question (what is the minimum balance that should in your bank account before issuing the bank statement?) 
- Mostly you should have 100 Euro for every day of your stay and we recommend that your balance should be 30,000 LE or more.

Concerning the HR Letter
• The HR letter is a signed and stamped letter from the HR department at your company that states your current position & salary & hiring date and the vacation approval and it must be translated and don’t forget the insurance number.
• If you are a business owner then you will provide a translated Commercial Registration and tax card.
• If you are a student the you will provide a translated signed and stamped Certificate of Registration from your University.

And for the flight tickets , hotel accommodation , travel health insurance & detailed trip program you can count on us ...

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