Sahl Hasheesh - Honeymoon 2023

Starting From 12,600  EGP




Hotel Name Dates Rate Per Couple Per Stay Room Type Meal plan
From To
Old Palace Resort 28/6 2/7 EGP 13,500 Standard AI
3/7 6/10 EGP 12,600 Standard AI
Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh 27/6 1/7 EGP 25,500 Standard HB
2/7 30/9 EGP 20,400 Standard HB
Premier Le Reve 26/6 2/7 EGP 18,540 standrd garden Al
3/7 31/10 EGP 17,100 standrd garden Al


General rules & conditions:
  • Duration of stay for all the above offers (4 days / 3 nights)
  • Offers don't include transfers.
  • offers are inclusive of taxes.
  • Prices are subjected to change by the hotel before booking, and prices do not change after payment.
  • Offers are subjected to change, modification or taxes that may be imposed by government authorities without prior notice.
  • To inquire about the features provided by each hotel, please contact us.

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