Starbucks opened the first cafe in Italy

Starbucks Corporation's American coffee chain opens its first establishment in Italy.

Currently, there are over 25,000 Starbucks cafes in 78 countries around the world, but the arrival of the chain to Italy, the home of espresso, is a landmark event for the company. This will not be an ordinary cafe, but a roasting shop — the third in the world for Starbucks after the very first shop at the company's headquarters in Seattle and the shop in Shanghai. The institution is located in the center of Milan, two steps from the Milan Cathedral, in a building refurbished from a former post office, writes

According to Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, regular company coffee houses in Milan will appear closer to the end of the year.

It is noted that the global coffee giant may face certain difficulties in attracting visitors to Italy because of the high competition from local bars offering high-quality coffee for much less money.

So, in the new Starbucks, a cup of espresso costs 1.8 euros, while on average in Milan the prices do not exceed 1 euro. Cappuccino will cost 5 euros, which is about three times more expensive than the usual cost of this drink, if you take it at the counter - in Italy they take an additional charge.

Source: The newspaper "Word"

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