3D Tours at Dubai Airport

Tourists who transfer in Dubai, can use the new services. Now, travelers who cannot leave the transit zone, thanks to 3D technology, have the opportunity to plunge into virtual Dubai, get acquainted with the main sights of the city and even make selfie on their background. And all this - without leaving the airport.
At the disposal of travelers were three-dimensional panoramas of attractions, voiced by the characteristic street noise. The attraction is deployed in Hall 3 of Terminal B. In particular, passengers can “climb” to the virtual summit of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and make an amazing selfie, go on a journey through the desert and visit the old city. In addition, tourists are offered to join a 3D tour of Dubai.
As noted by the creators of the virtual city, work on three-dimensional images continues today. Similar entertainment is planned to be placed in other terminals of the airport by the end of 2019.
Dubai has repeatedly surprised travelers with their outlandish offers. So, in 2020 another unusual place will appear here - the highest outdoor pool in the world. It will be located on the 52nd floor of the The Palm Tower skyscraper under construction in the Palm Jumeirah area at an altitude of 210 meters above the ground. The authors of the project promise its visitors an amazing view of the city, the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah and the local bay. To fill the pool area of ​​775 square meters, you will need 930 thousand liters of water.
Source: Отпуск.com

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